Full membership of the Harrow Association

If you are a member of the School, you will be automatically elected to full Membership of the Association when you leave, if your parents have paid for the life subscription. Old Harrovians whose parents have not done this may always join later.

The Life subscription is currently £96 per term, paid by instalments added to the School bill every term while the pupil is at the School. Parents may opt not to pay the subscription for their son, but Old Harrovians who choose to join later will be required to pay a sum appropriate at the time.

For boys who have attended the School from overseas, e.g. South Africa or the USA, for a short time, a reduced fee is applicable.

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"It was a great pleasure to receive a copy of the Harrow Record and read all that is going on. Quite inspirational."
- Carol Stoney, past parent and wife of Elmfieldian