The Association was founded in 1907 and is charged with the following mission:

"The Harrow Association is the focus and means by which all Harrovians can maintain their link with the School and with each other in the UK and around the world. The Association exists to support both the School and all Harrovians past and present. The Association works together with the Governors, the Head Master and the Development Trust to ensure the continuing success and prosperity of the School."

Today the Association organises House dinners, Songs twice a year, receptions for parents, regional and overseas dinners, parties for special interest groups, events on Speech Day, at Lord's, on Founder's Day and Association Day in September.

It acts as a focal point for the various Old Harrovian clubs and societies such as the OH Association Football Club and the OH Players, and helps these organisations to organise events, recruit members and promotes their activities to Association members.

The HA provides members with information on addresses of members, and its system of House and Overseas Representatives aims to provide OHs all over the world with as many opportunities to get together as possible.

It also provides members with an annual report on Old Harrovian and School activities as well as sending out the Harrow Record magazine twice a year. An email newsletter is sent out to OHs for whom we have an email address twice a year (summer and winter) and The Harrovian Online is available to OHs on the website.

For current pupils and young members, the Association liaises with working OHs to find work experience opportunities and makes financial awards to young members who need help with funding for enterprising ventures.

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"I have to say how impressed I am with this Association business. It has restored my faith in the human race and indeed the end product of Harrow School."
 - Giles Matthey (The Head Master’s 2000³)