The Old Harrovian City Club

A new club for Old Harrovians who work in the financial industries held its inaugural meeting at the City of London Club on 1 October 2008. 130 Old Harrovians in financial services, financial consultancy and equity trading heard Crispin Odey (Druries 19721), Harrow School Governor and CEO of Odey Asset Management, launch this exciting new Club.

The Head Master, Barnaby Lenon, took time out from the Head Master’s conference to introduce Crispin and, while noting that it was not a great time to be working in the City, commented that it is still the top industry choice for Harrovians when they leave university, with some 19% opting for a career in finance.

Crispin then briefly spoke about his time at Harrow and offered the benefit of his wisdom which has seen his company turn a healthy profit at a time of generally reduced profit levels or indeed losses elsewhere.

John Batting (The Park 19722), Governor and Chairman of the Harrow Association, thanked Crispin for his wise words and hoped that the Club would develop successfully and become an autonomous and interesting new addition to the Old Harrovian Clubs already on offer.

An OH City Club Committee has been formed to represent the different areas of the financial industries and its members have been canvassing the OH City Club membership to ascertain what events and talks may be of interest to members.

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"I would like to thank the Harrow Association for all your efforts and enthusiasm towards what was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. I know you were pivotal in making the Harrow Football tour to the Channel Islands a success and I would not be alone in echoing this. It was great meeting some of the OHs and hearing the stories they had to tell and I hope we were able to give them something back too."
 - Tom Dryden (Bradbys)