About the Crawley Scholarships

Harriet Crawley, sister of Randall and Andrew Crawley, daughter and mother of Old Harrovians, explains the history of the Crawley Scholarship.

The Crawley Gap Year Scholarship was founded in 1990 in memory of my two brothers, Andrew and Randall Crawley, both Old Harrovians, who died in an aeroplane crash on September 10th 1988.

As children we spent part of every summer holiday driving in Mini Minors all over Europe and North Africa, thanks to our adventurous parents. My American mother, Virginia Cowles, had been a distinguished war correspondent and became an historian. My father, Aidan Crawley, was a writer, broadcaster and Member of Parliament (and of course an Old Harrovian). Both my parents were great travellers and they introduced us to different countries and cultures and encouraged us to learn languages. It was, as they saw it, an essential part of our education. Looking back I can see how lucky we were and of course our lives were immeasurably enriched.

It was in this spirit that my father conceived the idea of a Crawley Gap Year Scholarship in memory of his sons. He hoped that, in some small measure, the award would broaden the horizon of boys on the threshold of life. He had great affection for Harrow where, as he told me many times, Crawleys have played cricket for the School since 1850 and rackets since 1853.

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Andrew Crawley

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