Harrow Association - Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Harrow Association help with genealogy and other research about family members or individuals who attended Harrow?

Yes. Email Luke Meadows on devtrustinformation@harrowschool.org.uk with your query and he will do what he can to help you. You can also contact the School Archivist, Rita Boswell by emailing archives@harrowschool.org.uk. She is also likely to have more supplementary information about Old Harrovians, particularly if they are well-known, or have given items to the School archive.

If I am a recent Leaver, I will have paid nearly £1,000 for membership. What do I get for my money?

The Association provides sporting, cultural and social events for its members, including two special Songs concerts for different year groups annually, Association Day in September and Founder's Day in January.
It supports the various Old Harrovian clubs and societies such as the OH Association Football Club and the OH Players, and helps these organisations to organise events and recruit members. In turn, members benefit from the opportunity to continue with sports and hobbies they enjoyed at the School with friends and fellow OHs.
The HA provides members with information on addresses of members, and its system of House, Regional and Overseas Reps aims to provide OHs all over the world with as many opportunities to get together as possible.
It also provides members with the Harrow Record magazine twice a year.
For current pupils and young members, the Association liaises with working OHs to find work experience opportunities and makes financial awards to young members who need help with funding for enterprising ventures.
The HA's Overseas Representatives provide a point of contact for OHs living, working or travelling abroad.
Of course, all of these are only benefits if you take advantage of them.

I might want to revisit my boyhood one day. Can I join later?

Yes, you can join the Harrow Association at any time, as long as you were a pupil at the School. The subscription charged will be a fraction of the life subscription calculated according to the time that has passed since you left the School.

I don't want to receive a lot of begging letters. Isn't the HA all about fundraising?

No, the Harrow Association's primary task is to connect its members to each other, and to maintain their links to the School. However, the Development Trust, which is responsible for fundraising for Harrow, does use the data on the Association's database to mail its members from time to time. If you wish to opt out of receiving these mailings, contact Perena Shryane on 020 8872 8200 or ha@harrowschool.org.uk and we will ensure you don't receive Development Trust mailings.

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