Work experience and Careers advice

The Harrow Association Work Experience and Careers Advice Programme for Harrovians and Old Harrovians began in 2004, after the HA sent out a questionnaire to all Old Harrovians asking them if they could help in this area. The result was excellent with 1,200 Old Harrovians agreeing to join the network of careers advisors and work experience providers.
To date the Association has helped over 700 Harrovians and OHs with work experience or careers advice covering over 80 different professions. 

Careers Convention

The Harrow Association also sponsors the annual Careers Convention on the Hill which takes place between 6pm-9pm on a Sunday evening in January in the Shepherd Churchill Dining Hall. The Convention is usually attended by 40 or so Old Harrovians alongside a number of professional volunteers. After a buffet dinner, the Old Harrovians give an introduction to and answer questions about their careers with interested Fifth Form and Sixth Form boys. 

The Weekly Careers Clinic

In term-time, the Harrow Association Manager runs a work experience and careers advice clinic in the 5A office from 1pm every day except Wednesdays. Boys and Old Boys are welcome to pop in any time to talk about their careers. 

Please join us!

If you would like to take part in our Work Experience and Careers Programme, please fill in the survey by clicking here. The information you give will help us in two main ways:

- Flag up your interest in this vital area of the Association’s work and help us see where we can use your expertise and advice.

- Help current and Old Boys find a suitable work placement matches, internships and new jobs.

All information you give will be kept on the Harrow Association database and will not be given out to a third party.

It is a tribute to the fantastic Old Harrovian network that we are able to assist so many people in this way.

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"Just a note to say thank you for setting up the two work placements with me over the summer. I am looking forward to the experience I will gain from both these internships." - Henry Morris (Druries)