A Timeline History of Harrow School - The Appendix

A Timeline History of Harrow School was published in November 2010. The Appendix was deemed to be too long to publish in the book itself, but it was also felt that putting it online would enable errors to be corrected or addenda to be made with a minimum of cost and effort.

Please click on the links in the lefthand menu to go to the relevant page on which you will find pdf documents containing information on the following areas of interest:

Harrow People

1. Governors: see also Timeline text

2. Head Masters: see also Timeline text

3. Assistant Masters

4. Bursars

5. Benefactors

6. Heads of School

7. Custodes

8. Old Harrovians of Distinction

9. Victoria Cross Holders

10. Oxbridge Awards 1860-1984


11. Windows in Speech Room

12. Windows in Chapel

13. Windows in the Vaughan Library

14. Windows in the Alex Fitch Room

15. Fourth Form Room Carvings

16. Chapel Memorials

17. Chapel Benefactions

School Institutions

18. Songs

19. Societies

20. Shakespeare Plays 1940-2010


21. Cricket XIs 1805-2010

22. Football XIs 1856-2010

23. Rugby XVs 1927-2010

24. Soccer XIs 1996-2010

25. Names of the Playing Fields

26. Rugby Results 1927-2010

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